Easy Butterfinger Pie

Must Try…..Butterfinger Pie!


  • 12 oz tub of cool whip
  • 6 regular sized butterfinger candy bars (or 12 fun sized)
  • 1 ready made graham cracker pie crust
  • 8 oz. package of cream cheese

1.)  In a sealed gallon ziplock bag crush your candy bars up or if you want more texture you can just break up the candy bars in the wrapper and pour it into a bowl…or chop on a cutting board with a knife *** reserve some for sprinkling on top of the pie (optional)

2.) Make sure your cream cheese is softened I set mine out at room temp for 20 mins. whip cream cheese, butterfinger crumbs and  cool whip in a bowl.

3.) Pour into the graham cracker crust, sprinkle remaining butterfinger crumbs on top cover and chill in fridge for an hour.

Tips, Tricks, & additional Ideas

Not my picture but this is what I mean about the lid

  • Some people don’t realize that the plastic on the premade pie crust holding it in place can be taken off, flipped over and is a lid for the pie so you don’t have to cover with foil….it works perfectly and you don’t have to worry about the whole top of your pie being stuck to the foil when you lift it!
  • You can make this exact recipe MINUS the pie crust and use it as a DIP…..dip graham crackers, vanilla wafers, pretzels, cookies….you get the idea 🙂
  • Drizzle chocolate…or caramel….or BOTH  on top
  • Use a chocolate graham cracker pie crust
  • Buy the mini pre made pie crusts for little individual butterfinger pies.

For a 3 ingredient butterfinger recipe click here


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