Easy Apple Chips

Basic Ingredients & Time to expect

  • Apples (I used green)
  • Cinnamon & sugar mixed how you like it
  • wax paper
  • a slicer will work best
  • Time to expect….2 hrs + cool down time (cools IN oven)

Click here for the original pin

The original pin has all of the exact steps along with pictures. I followed these steps exactly. The only tip I have is to sprinkle your sugar cinnamon mix nicely because mine ended up all in the center and looked burnt even though they aren’t.

My husband thought they were too tart but maybe a red apple would have been better for him. I loved them but like I said I just didn’t do a good job sprinkling so some were really sweet in spots šŸ˜‰

By the way this is what a slicer looks like, I’ve had one for years I think it was less than $10 at walmartĀ and I use it for EVERYTHING! It’s the best mini kitchen investment ever! This is what makes the apple chips so thin which is what you want.

Additional Ideas:

  • Because of the natural stars they would be great for 4th of July
  • Use at a “beach” themed party as sand dollars
  • Put on top of pies for cute detail
  • Great for country themed events
  • Use any small cookie or fondant cutter for different shapes in the center (initials, flowers, shapes)
  • For school snacks you could easily put some inĀ a bag andĀ pack with single serve peanut butter,caramel dip or nutella.
  • Use different types of apples for different colors and flavors.
  • Put next to fruit dip or a sweet cheese ball as an appetizer
  • Cover them in hardening chocolate
  • put on top of ice cream or yogurt

Click here for another easy apple recipe!


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