Lemon Pepper Chicken Kabobs

When life hands you Lemons….

The Basic Ingredients (chicken not pictured or optional sauce)

The Basic Ingredients (chicken not pictured or optional sauce)

Make a clean Kabob

This recipe is relatively clean depending on what sauces/seasonings you use. I pair lemons with chicken a lot, usually when I bake chicken I put onions and lemon on top for a little flavor and to keep it really moist. This recipe is so easy that you may not consider it a recipe 🙂 There are dozens of variations you can come up with!

Basic Ingredients

  • Chicken thawed, cleaned and cut into cubes
  • Lemons
  • Seasoning either lemon pepper or for less lemon flavor do some type of chicken seasoning (I used both)
  • Peppers any color would do fine I’m sure
  • Onion(s) I used white but I’m sure red is good.


  • Worcestershire sauce

I had a few hours before dinner so I marinated my chicken before hand it’s not a necessary step at all this can be a quick dinner without marinating!

adding spices and sauces tightly covering and putting in the fridge

adding spices and sauces tightly covering and putting in the fridge

When it was time to grill I sliced up the lemons and vegetables in sizes to fit the skewer. Since the lemons are just used to flavor the kabobs I used each part of the lemon including the ends because I thought aesthetically it looked nice 😉


The pattern I used to put the kabobs together was using the lemon ends on both ends of skewer and then making sure the lemon isn’t directly on the chicken so there was always an onion or pepper between the lemon and the chicken.

*** I did this because I thought the lemon flavor would be too strong but it wasn’t at all so I’m sure you could put the lemon right on the chicken and it would be fine.

Medium heat approx. 20 mins and turned them twice

Medium heat approx. 20 mins and turned them twice

We grilled on Medium heat for approx. 20 mins. starting out on non stick sprayed foil and then directly on grill after it was cooked through just for a minute.

We paired this with long grain wild rice and grilled zucchini. It was my first time grilling zucchini Click here to see the pin I followed for that!



  • Use the right skewers!!! A few weeks ago we bought the bamboo skewers in a pack of 100, on the pack it shows them on a grill so we put them on our grill….they burned and shriveled now we have metal ones!
  • Spray foil with cooking spray and cook on that for a while to avoid sticking to grill.
  • Use a seasoning you’re used to because the citrus will change it. I ALWAYS use Mrs. Dash Garlic & Herb so that is what I mostly used along with a little bit of lemon pepper seasoning.


Other ideas:

  • Use cuts of pineapple instead of lemon for a sweet chicken
  • Brush BBQ or other sauces on while it grills.
  • Alternate lemons and oranges for citrus chicken kabobs
  • Throw in some limes
  • Squeeze lemon juice over kabobs



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