The Power of Goal Setting

Goal GETTING begins with Goal SETTING…

On average we have anywhere from  TWELVE thousand to FIFTY THOUSAND thoughts running through our mind per day this is why goal SETTING is an imperative first step in goal GETTING. I suggest getting clear in your mind about your goals but also always write them down. When you are writing it on paper you are also mentally imprinting it in your mind.

A Letter Written to The Future

A letter we wrote and sealed with our Goals for the coming year

A letter we wrote and sealed with our Goals for the coming year

It doesn’t even have to be written words but anything that triggers your mind to focus attention on your goal. Right before my husband and I got married we set a mental goal of going to three countries by our one year anniversary, as adults neither of us had ever been out of the U.S. so this was a BIG goal to us. We decided to write it in a letter to ourselves and keep the letter sealed until our one year anniversary then open it and see if we achieved the goals.

Tips when setting your goals:

  • Don’t worry about “HOW” you will achieve
  • Include WHY you want these things for added energy
  • Remember you will be taking ACTION to get to your goals
  • Don’t let your past creep in as doubts….this is your FUTURE which is spotless
  • Plan the things you CAN plan “If you fail to plan you plan to fail”-Benjamin Franklin
  • Be creative because your goals are YOURS only & you wont be motivated by goals of others.

Our First Country was Jamaica where we got married:

July 2012

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Our second Country was The Dominican Republic:

March 2013

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Our Third Country was Mexico:

July 2013

Huatulco, Mexico

Huatulco, Mexico

The feeling of reading a letter you wrote one year ago (to the date) and seeing that you DID achieve your goals is a feeling hard to describe but everyone DESERVES! I know for a fact we wouldn’t have been able to visit these places or learn new things if we didn’t set these goals, write them down & take action.

I am a very “mental” person so if these goals  were merely a cloudy thought or idea in my head then those 50 THOUSAND thoughts each day would have over shadowed my dreams and we would have opened that letter having not achieved anything. It’s not magic it’s INTENTION and taking steps.

I really like the idea of ONE year goals because it seems like that’s not too short term but it’s also not long term like 5-10 year plans.

Occasions for setting goals:

NO Occasions are necessary these are just examples of times in life where you start a new path

  • Marriage
  • Starting a Business or job
  • Beginning a financial goal
  • Fitness Journey
  • Having a child
  • Making a lifestyle change

This is a great saying to remember when you are taking steps to get to your destinations:

Getting to your goals is a journey all of it’s own. Here are some other things we were able to check off the bucket list while getting to our destinations:

Get Married

Get married

Go Zip lining

Go Zip lining

Meet AMAZING life long friends

Visiting a Bird sanctuary

Petting animals we don’t normally pet

Face a Fear

Feeding this bird

Handling starfish

Holding a sea urchin

Swimming with Dolphins

Drinking a cup lit on fire

Visiting a tobacco and coffee plantation

ATV tour through the countryside of D.R.

Swimming in a natural cave

Visiting markets in other countries

My husbands goal was to meet locals lol jk 😉

Finding a hidden archery talent

meditation with sacred statues….;-)

Handling another snake

Room service at midnight

Room service at midnight

Going BIGGER….

There are so many amazing opportunities that present themselves as you take action and you will find that you can help others with your new achievements. I love answering questions about destination weddings, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, excursions etc. these are things I could have never discussed or helped anyone with a year ago because I didn’t allow myself to experience them.

This is a tradition we will continue to do every year, we have already written out our letter to be opened on our second anniversary!

An office with a view

An office with a view

Side Note:

I have been entrepreneurial minded for as long as I can remember and was “stuck” many years in dead end jobs which caused me to personally stop growing and living life. I am in Network Marketing now with a business that promotes self growth every day and realizing your FULL potential! I LOVE Self Improvement and made a promise to myself never to stop learning and living again! I would love to be your sponsor contact me on here!




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