Up Close with Animals in Ocho Rios Jamaica

Getting WILD while you travel

Never forget to check out animals local and Exotic when you travel (or they might just check you out)!  Here is what we saw in Jamaica in Ascending order based on SIZE ha ha…Everything except the first two can be found at Dolphin Cove! I can’t recommend this place enough!


"Frogenstein"  enjoying the night life....

“Frogenstein” enjoying the night life….

"Lizzie" I know I am creative!

“Lizzie” I know I am creative with names…

Love Birds....Don't worry I didn't name them!

Love Birds….Don’t worry I didn’t name them!



Sea Urchins!

Sea Urchin!



Lizzie on roids! ;-)

Lizzie on roids! ;-)

Camera 2 162

Camera 2 161

Just kidding....

Just kidding….



Camera 2 180

Dolphins!! This is Arby!

Dolphins!! This is Arby!

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