Sharpie Creations updated

You might be looking for Easy crafts, Crafts for Kids, new arts and crafts ideas or a DIY personalized gift for special occasion…..These Sharpie plates, cups, bowls (anything ceramic + a sharpie marker) are your ANSWER! I’ve included some pictures of the ones I’ve made.

*********Don’t forget to read the tips at the bottom of this post. I’ve seen other blogs where people responded that it didn’t work for them. The tips may help troubleshoot those issues! *************

Sharpie plates


I LOVE when you can personalize things so what could be better than personalizing plates or mugs with anything you want for super CHEAP and it’s permanent?! SOOO easy!

Take Any color plate you want, wash and dry it and use a sharpie marker to write or design all over it. Put it in the oven, set oven to 350 once it’s reached 350 bake it for 30 mins and let cool while in oven. The trick is to let it start in a cool oven and end in a cool oven!

Also if you don’t like your handwriting you can use stencils!




That last one is a black plate with a silver sharpie which is my favorite contrast. I got all of the plates at the dollar tree.

Reasons To give:

  • Anniversaries
  • Engagements
  • Weddings
  • Milestone Birthdays
  • As a gift FROM the kids (grandparents, aunts, uncles)
  • Baby Showers
  • House warming
  • Welcome
  • Graduation
  • None (who needs a reason right?)

Add on Ideas when Gifting:

  • Put coffee or tea packs in the mug
  • Bake cookies for the plate and wrap up (when cookies are gone they will see the personalized plate!)
  • Fill mug or bowl with candy
  • Put a design on the bottom of the mug so when the recipient is drinking there is a fun bonus, I’ve seen people put a Mustache, lips, smiley face or animal noses. Looks hilarious when they drink. For this make sure you buy a mug that allows you to do that. larger flat bottom.
  •  Put a pack of Ramen noodles in the bowl and a fork for the graduate headed to college 😉
  • Make matches for Best friends, family, clubs or groups.
  • Put meaningful Quotes or inside jokes on it.
  • If you feel comfortable doing it (can be challenging) Decorate the inside of the bowl as well as the outside
  • Trace a little ones hand (careful since it’s sharpie)


  • Clean and dry the object before you start decorating with sharpie.
  • If you mess up you can use a Q tip with rubbing alcohol to erase.
  • Use painters tape to make a line on the object so you can write straight (remove before baking) just for a guide.
  • Place your project in the oven BEFORE you set the heat….so put it in the cool oven then set the heat.
  • If your oven heats up quick you can set a timer for 30 mins as soon as you stick it in the oven but mine takes time so I set the 30 minute timer AFTER it heated all the way.
  • When timer ends and 30 minutes passed turn off oven but KEEP it in oven until completely cooled.
  • Don’t use sharpie paint pens the regular sharpie pens are what you want. (I’ve used neons, metallic, bold tip) but again NOT the sharpie PAINT pens!
  • Some of the colors change when baked (red may become pink) some fade or completely change. I didn’t have this issue but if the project is important to you do a test run.
  • You can TEST on the bottom of the object and bake as directed to see what colors turn out (not the best idea on a mug since people will see the bottom but a small decorative testing area can look cool anyway)
  • Depending on your oven you may have to follow the same directions but put oven at 425. Mine was fine at 350 but for others that wasn’t a high enough temperature.
  • Sometimes lighter color objects like a white mug could turn beige or brown as it bakes. So be careful if you want that crisp white look, do the lower heat and watch it.
  • Once the object is cooled off you can wipe a wet towel across it to make sure it’s permanent.
  • Not into writing? Put a sticker on the object and put dots all over and around the sticker (remove the sticker before baking) you should have a dotted design with a perfect clear space where sticker was. (idea: initial stickers or shapes)
  • Shop Dollar tree for GREAT prices on ceramic mugs, plates and bowls they work perfectly and cut this already cheap project down further.
  • Obviously watch kids when using sharpies but this project is perfect for kids (of age) to permanently display their creative work.

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