DIY Creative Cocktails (21 and over)

Who has tried the Daily’s Cocktails?

If you haven’t yet they are pre-mixed cocktails that you put in the freezer (no blender necessary) found in most stores, in SO many flavors and have gotten my creative juices flowing! Seriously, the possibilities are ENDLESS! I’ve heard people call them “adult capri suns” because you could literally just stick a straw in the pouch and drink up. This is what they look like:

WARNING: Once you switch to these you may NEVER want to go OUT for happy hour again 😉

Here are the creations I’ve come up with most recently and I get new ideas each time.

The Mike-arita…

The ingredients:

– one frozen pouch of Daily’s in the flavor you prefer (I used lemonade)

– margarita salt to rim the glass

-One Mike’s hard lemonade in a compatible flavor to your Daily’s (I matched lemonade with lemonade…I know I’m soooo adventurous lol)

– Optional garnish (strawberries or whatever you prefer)

I have seen the beer-garitas at bars but never thought to do my own version at home. I thought there was a technique to flipping the bottle into the margarita but there isn’t! It’s as easy as 123:

  1. Rim the glass with salt
  2. Pour the frozen drink in
  3. open the mikes hard lemonade and quickly flip it upside down into the margarita putting it low in the glass

Sour Patch-arita


– one pouch of Daily’s frozen your choice which one (should taste good with sour patch kids though)

– Margarita salt (or if you can find sour salt that would be perfect)

– Gummy life savers

– Sour patch kids

-optional garnish (orange)

Rim the glass with salt. Pour the frozen cocktail in. Decorate with “swimming” sour patch kids and some floating in “rafts” (gummy life savers). Blue cocktails might look cooler since it would look more like water.

Bomb Pop-arita



– A blue colored Daily’s I  used blue Hawaiian

– Margarita salt

– Bomb pop

This was a 4th of July festive cocktail it looks like the bottom of the bomb pop melted since it’s blue. We weren’t crazy about the blue Hawaiian flavor (coconut). Rim glass with salt, pour frozen drink, put bomb pop upside down in it.

Make your Happy hours MORE HAPPY

Additional Ideas & tips:

– First and most importantly NEVER place these drinks around kids….These look like too much fun in a glass so it’s serious not to expose little ones to something they might mistake as theirs. (we didn’t have any kids around)

– With the sour patch-arita….you could put Swedish fish or gummy sharks in the margarita

– You can mix and match any color frozen drinks and different colored popsicles to make a very bright, fun and colorful cocktail for your friends.

– Use any bottled beverage (that tastes good) for the mike-arita. Corona’s are common.

– If you plan to make a very sour drink rim the glass in sugar to give it sweetness.

– Rim the glass in colored sprinkles for added color

– Serve these fun drinks in mason jars instead

– make non alcoholic versions for those who don’t want or can’t have alcohol

I have many more ideas stirring around in my mind….adding “arita” behind almost any creation ends up delicious! I would love to hear about your cocktail ideas too!

Side Note: I have been entrepreneurial minded for as long as I can remember and was “stuck” many years in dead end jobs which caused me to personally stop growing and living life. I am in Network Marketing now with a business that promotes self growth every day and realizing your FULL potential! I LOVE Self Improvement and made a promise to myself never to stop learning and living again, contact me for more info~



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