Diaper Golf Bag

Diaper Golf Bag

diaper shower 015

  It was my BEST friends (both the mom-to-be and dad-to-be are our best friends) baby shower recently and they both have SO MUCH personality honestly the only way I have ever been able to describe my best friend is that she’s “Sparkly” I swear she leaves a trail of glitter and fun everywhere she goes! So I have done diaper wreaths and diaper cakes in the past but for this couple I felt like I needed something a little more unique! She wasn’t into the standard girl baby shower stuff like the light pinks, she likes bright colors which is why this ribbon is lime green and so are the clubs!

  I couldn’t find a tutorial even on pinterest of how they are made so I just went with what I already knew about diaper crafting in the past! Here are my step-by-step instructions:



I got the box of diapers from Walmart and used size 4 because in the past I’ve been told that at diaper parties and baby showers people often give small newborn size diapers so it’s nice to have bigger ones later down the road after they’ve used all the smalls! I had to go to several stores to find play golf clubs and ended up finding them in a store called Dollar world, I’ve never heard of it but saw it randomly and went in.

The rolling process

They smell so good!

The rolling process

The rolling process

Ok start rolling you can choose which direction you want to roll and then secure with a rubber band, this way if down the road the parents wanted to use the diapers there is no glue or adhesive stopping them from being able to use them!

diaper shower 005

Begin forming stacks!

Begin forming stacks!

Once you have plenty rolled you can begin forming your stacks by simply clustering the rolls together and securing with a larger rubber band. This is the same process if you want to make a diaper cake. My clusters ended up being 12 diapers and I ended up doing 4 stacks.

diaper shower 008

diaper shower 009

Now I just set them on top of each other and used the clubs to actually hold thew stacks together….

The clubs went all the way to the bottom so it connected all of the stacks.

The clubs went all the way to the bottom so it connected all of the stacks.

diaper shower 012

It helps to decorate with the ribbons by laying it down.

diaper shower 013

This was very fun to make and any golf fans would love it as a fresh option for diaper giving! I must say I LOVE that dads to be are now having diaper showers, it’s so neat how times have evolved! Cheers to that!

diaper shower 025

My husband is a golfer!

My husband is a golfer!

My husband golfs every chance he gets so in his eyes this was probably the coolest diaper creation I could have made. In total it took 48 diapers, four golf clubs, and some ribbons!

Additional Ideas:

  • Hang a golf towel off of the back, it could be a personalized burp cloth or a cloth baby diaper.
  • Spell the babies name going down the length of the golf bag.
  • Have the diaper bag propped to the side with a stand.

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