Pizza Spaghetti Bake

Pizza Spaghetti Bake

The Ingredients

The Ingredients

Original pin:

The original pin will explain just how quick and easy this is to make but in a nutshell….boil noodles and drain, mix spaghetti sauce and whatever pizza toppings you want right in the pot, spray casserole dish because this will bake similar to a lasagna, put your mixture into the casserole dish, top with cheese and more toppings and bake.

clearly the water took it’s time coming to a boil!!

Ready for the casserole dish pre-baking

mixed everything in the pot now it’s ready for the casserole dish

Just put in the oven

Just put in the oven


I baked mine at 350 for about 35 mins and it was done, you could see the corners had the baked look. We always broil our pizzas for the last 4-5 mins so I ended up doing that with this bake, just our preference!

pizzaspag 007

You can also use a spatula and serve it very similar to a lasagna…..

cut like lasagna

cut like lasagna

Other tips:

  • The original pin suggests putting the noodles in the casserole dish then pouring sauce over it, i recommend mixing it all THEN putting it in the casserole dish so you don’t have any bare noodles!
  • Just like with pizzas at home you can make personalized sides, if one of you loves veggies and the other loves meat, it’s easy to seprate!
  • dish it into small round pans or a cupcake pan to make mini’s
  • Use spices you would on pizza-oregano,parmesan cheese, crushed red peppers…I used black pepper.
  • make sure it’s saucy enough, baking dries it out if not!
  • Let the kiddos help you make it! They can make pepperoni “pictures” all over that casserole lol

Husband Review: He said it didn’t “sound” good to him when I told him what I was making, but he said it tasted very good and he ate two plates and asked me to pack the left overs for his lunch tomm…..In his rating system that’s a high one!

My Review: Every week I make pizza and spaghetti but never did this combo 😉 The texture is a lot like lasagna which I love but the taste is more pizza-ish! I will be making this again, it’s too simple not to start putting it in rotation!



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