Cake Box Cookie Sandwiches

Cake Box Cookie Sandwiches 

Count the ingredients....that's 3!!! (add icing to make 4)

Count the ingredients….that’s 3!!! (add icing to make 4)

The Original Pin:

I have to laugh because I shortcut almost every cooking project I do, but let’s face it…..there really isn’t a shorter easier version unless you totally cheat and buy already made cookies 😉 but I bet they aren’t half as soft as the cake mix ones!

Melt one stick butter, I did it as the first step using the mixing bowl I stuck it in the microwave, once it was melted add all of the cake mix and one egg……stir it up, doesn’t take long and is a good cookie dough consistency! Make sure your oven is preheated to 350.

Drop spoonful sizes on the pan (I used parchment paper, it’s the only way I DON’T burn the cookies I make) I also rolled my dropped cookies just to give it a more uniform shape but trust me, nobody is going to be paying attention to what shape these are in once they taste them!

This is the size I rolled mine. I also did another pan the same size because there should be 24 cookies total unless you choose to do them larger

This is the size I rolled mine. I also did another pan the same size because there should be 24 cookies total unless you choose to do them larger

Bake for 8-10 mins. the directions said to watch carefully and mine were small enough that they did come out right at 8 mins. They will be cracked on top… adds character ha ha looks more homemade anyways 😉

pint 008

Done at exactly 8 mins for these little ones!

Let them cool on the cookie pan, like I said they are very soft (they stay soft too) After cooling you can start the frosting, I used vanilla but dyed it pink to look pretty! Another tip, it’s so much easier to pipe the icing on esp. because these are fragile cookies. Here is how I load a bag and frost:

pint 010

That’s a tall glass, push a gallon bag down into it then spoon icing in while pushing down, Once you are done loading it just push it all toward one corner, twist the top of the bag where your hand is and snip that corner, as you squeeze it comes out neatly.

pint 014

and the finished product…..

pint 021

Additional Ideas:

  • When I held this it reminded me so much of a mini burger, you could make it look more like one by using milk chocolate Icing and maybe some red and yellow gel icing to look like ketchup and mustard, little sprinkles on top for “seeds”
  • you could frost the cookies to have a little excess icing and slowly turn it onto a plate of sprinkles rotating it, the finished product would have sprinkles all over the middle.
  • Dye the dough a fun color maybe match a teams colors or whatever your two favorite colors are.
  • Use other flavors of cake mix. Lemon, red velvet,strawberry….

Husband Review: He isn’t home yet, let’s hope there are any left by the time he does get here ha ha!

My review: This is a perfect recipe even for individual cookies, you can use any flavor box mix and I almost always have these ingredients on hand already!

***** I JUST realized after posting this that I only used one egg accidentally (turns out i DID shortcut the recipe ha ha) and mine turned out perfect so in case of emergency and you only have one egg left it still works great!!! (The original pin says to use 2)



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