Peg Board Jewelry Holder

Peg Board Jewelry Holder

Just had a huge realization-my husband may be a better pinner than me, he made this before the time of pinterest!!!

Our basement isn’t finished so that’s how this wall came to be a larger scale 😉 Whether you make one of these BIG or small it will get used if you are an accessory enthusiast! He got everything  from Lowe’s and went with the long pegs to be able to hold purses or multiple accessories on one peg. They have hooks, pegs, knobs all of the doo hickies a woman could need to get organized!

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Additional Ideas:

  • Love the idea of painting the peg board a color you like!
  • Perfect for a walk in closet or large space!
  • Great for a home business when you need things displayed and organized such as a jewelry business!
  • You can much more easily color code it so you can find the perfect accessory faster (mine is not coded…clearly lol)
  • Use door knobs or coat rack hooks for a more artistic/decorative look!
  • Metallic or mirror paint could look neat!
  • If your child has a dress up area you could make a mini one and even spray paint it with chalk paint for double the fun! (making hooks less dangerous, using knobs or something)
  • Put Crown molding or framing around it for a more prestine look!
  • Put it on an easel and take it to your jewelry shows to display more!

I absolutely love mine and have no idea what I did with the jewelry before plus it frees up my normal closet space where I used to keep my purses. I also think my husband had fun making this, It can be a team project!

Side Note: I have been entrepreneurial minded for as long as I can remember and was “stuck” many years in dead end jobs which caused me to personally stop growing and living life. I am in Network Marketing now with a business that promotes self growth every day and realizing your FULL potential! I LOVE Self Improvement and made a promise to myself never to stop learning and living again, contact me for more info~


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