Candy Tree,Candy Cakes & Candy Creations!

Candy Tree

Original Pin:

This ended up being 31 pieces of candy as a gift for my nephew, It didn’t turn out quite how I wanted it to because I had to use specific candy (his favorites) I would have liked for it to look more Like a tree lol I think it’s easier on a smaller project to use fun size candy so you can layer it more!

Very fun and Easy craft though just requires foam shape, hot glue and lots of candy 🙂

Here are some candy cakes I have made in the past:

I think this was our 6 month anniversary of dating 🙂

I love how you can make candy into candles!

Candy bouquets! Everything from the dollar tree! Less than $5 to make each!

Mardi Gras Candy centerpiece. the long skewers are candy kabobs!

Candy Cocktails! Perfect for small parties (this was a game night) they don’t take up much space and are more elegant that bowls of candy!

another version of a candy bouquet

mini candy kabobs tray!

mini candy kabobs using sucker sticks

I have made so many things with candy over the past few years and haven’t had a single complaint yet 😉  So many of the items used are from the dollar store, they have a large candy selection, wine glasses, beer mugs, vases, fake flowers, jars etc.


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