Personalized Candy Jar


The original Pin:

That blog has the perfect directions on making these, I love the look of a set of 3 in different sizes! I had so much fun making this one, It’s a matter of spray painting, gluing securely and basically stacking the pieces.

A few side notes:

  • Stack it where you want to put it before you actually glue it together….by the time I added all of the pieces I wanted on here it was too tall to fit where I wanted to put it (under my cabinets) 
  • You might have to go to a few stores to get everything needed. Hobby lobby had a great selection of jars but not candle sticks. Michael’s had the candle sticks but not a great selection of jars 🙂 so between the two stores I got what I wanted!
  • I wouldn’t put it where kids can reach, lifting it is awkward-for mine the candle stick isn’t that big but the jar is so it’s very top heavy and if you aren’t ready for that it can easily tip when you lift it before you get a chance to correct it.

Similar Pins:

So many possibilities as fillers:

  • cotton balls
  • Candy
  • coins (like a contemporary  piggy bank)
  • dry pasta (colorful wheels)
  • beautiful Craft storage (beads)
  • Holiday themes (candy corn, peppermints,valentine message hearts)
  • For a candy buffet set up-different jar sizes, different colors,different candy
  • bath salts (legal?? lol)
  • natural sponges
  • Ornaments
  • White or colored Christmas lights
  • wine corks
  • Pine cones (spray painted fun colors,metallic or natural!)
  • Sand
  • Buttons
  • Fake Fruit (lemons,apples etc.)
  • Rocks or stones
  • Cinnamon sticks

You get the point 😉 you don’t realize how many things you can stuff a jar with until you have one to stuff!

The picture below is not mine……This is a pic of the second “similar pin” they are plaques! LOVE!!!!


Side Note: I have been entrepreneurial minded for as long as I can remember and was “stuck” many years in dead end jobs which caused me to personally stop growing and living life. I am in Network Marketing now with a business that promotes self growth every day and realizing your FULL potential! I LOVE Self Improvement and made a promise to myself never to stop learning and living again, contact me for more info.


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