Framed Dry Erase board

Framed Dry Erase board


Original pin:

I went really “weak” on this project because I was considering making them in bulk, so I was looking for cheap materials. I bought everything at walmart and instead of fabric in the frame I bought a book full of scrap book pages so I could get hundreds of different looks! These two are the same frame just two different scrapbook pages and one is standing vertical the other is Horizontal.

If you have use for a dry erase board you can def get creative with this, I think a bulky ornate frame in a bright color would look neat in a fun space!


More Fun tips and Ideas:

  • Go light on patterned backgrounds since you have to be able to see your writing 🙂
  • Use different colored dry erase markers
  • Add a decoration to the frame like a big bulky flower or bow in the corner
  • put a thin piece of sheet metal behind the background so it can be used as a magnet board as well
  • Use a piece of lined notebook paper for a simple look that keeps writing straight
  • use a calendar sheet at a background to fill in your schedule!
  • use an easel to hold the frame and give it a prominent look
  • Take two velcro pieces stick one to the frame and one to the marker to keep them connected.

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