Beer can cake

Beer can cake

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I had SO much fun making this for a 90th Birthday 🙂 My husbands Grandpa who from what I have heard “drinks a busch beer a day” was celebrating 90 years of greatness so we thought a beer cake was a fun gift (BTW it was Luau themed, that isn’t my everyday outfit lol)

I used a big round piece of foam found at the craft store, and I hot glued EVERYTHING since it is very heavy I didn’t want to risk it falling apart….so by everything I mean all of the sides of the cans tops and bottoms (but I positioned them so no glue gets around the mouth of the can that way they can still be usable!) I think I ended up with one extra can out of a 30 pack 😉 I chose the ribbons just to match the color of the cans but you could do any color scheme you want! 🙂 I think the fuller looking the better!

More Fun Ideas:

  • Alternate tall cans!
  • Alternate bottles!
  • Use strips or pieces of the beer box to decorate the cake!
  • Put candles on top, If you have an empty top can you can even stick a candle in the opening and light it!
  • Wrap boas around each stack for a gift for a girl! It gives it a fem look!
  • “over the hill” caution tape instead of ribbons 😉 !
  • You can just do one tier….so a smaller level cake then decorate the top!

Grandpa’s Luau 90th Birthday Party!

90 years young!


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