Crock Pot Cashew Chicken

Crock Pot Cashew Chicken

First attempt at Chinese food=SUCCESS

First attempt at Chinese food=SUCCESS

Here is the original Pin:

But I decided to do my own easier version here are the ingredients I used (plus soy sauce for the rice)


Another pinterest tip I had to try…..burning a candle while you chop an onion to prevent tears… worked for me!


There’s NO crying in cooking 😉

First I thawed, washed, dried and cut the chicken into pieces not exactly cubed and not exactly stripped just bite sized pieces! Then sautéed it in a pan with chopped onions and Terriyaki sauce. You don’t have to worry about making sure the chicken is cooked through since it will be cooked while in the crock pot, not sure if this step is even neccessary…the only benefit we saw to it was that we got to eat it faster instead of wait all day ha ha!


I drained it before throwing it in the crock pot but if about an hour before you are done it still looks like a runny mess just add some uncooked minute rice-it soaks up the juice and you will probably serve it over rice anyways so it doesn’t hurt the recipe.


If you are constantly on your crock 😉 I highly recommend the slow cooker liners easiest clean up ever!

I just put some stir fry sauce I found in the asian section of the grocery store in the crock pot on high, added my DRAINED chicken & onion saute, opened and drained a can of mini corn, and water chestnuts and threw the frozen broccoli in. I also just added terriyaki and soy sauce while it was cooking until i felt it has enough flavor. Then about 30 mins before it was done I added whole cashews.

Served over brown rice/soy sauce.


Husband Review: He ate dinner TWICE last night….not joking, two separate times lol he loved it! He thought it was healthy though, I didn’t have the heart to explain how unhealthy I made it by altering the recipe with sauces and sodium 😉

My Review: I loved it because I took the “idea”  but made it how we like it, and simpler….anytime I can throw an already made sauce and chicken in a crock pot I am down!!!



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