One ingredient Donuts

Can of Biscuit Donuts


Donut Recipe

  • A can of homestyle biscuits, i used pillsbury
  • optional-sugar,icing,powdered sugar,sprinkles
  • veg oil

Heat about 1/4 inch of oil in a skillet on medium heat. Take something to cut out center of “donuts” if you have nothing i am sure you can just cut with a knife. I used a small cookie cutter. drop donuts into heated oil, aprox a minute on each side. Then either dip them in sugar or ice them. Don’t forget to use the donut holes!!

040  041 043

I used a heart cookie cutter for one of the donuts to see if it kept shape…..It DID so now the possibilities are endless 😉 Initial donuts, smiley faces!!



Husband Review: He ate 7! yep 7! He loved them, He said his mom made these all the time when he was younger! I bet she perfected the recipe better than me though because I had a few that weren’t fully cooked in the center.

My Review: Why on earth would we EVER buy donuts again?? These were AMAZING, FAST, you can be creative with them and most importantly WARM….The only other place I have ever had a warm donut was krispy kremes and those all shut down around us! Also if you have more people in your family you can make all different types I am sure….chocolate, sprinkles, cinnamon, plain, glazed.



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