Crock Pot Steak Carnitas

Steak Carnitas


Made these in the summer, took a short cut and they were FAB! Here is the original pin:

My short cuts included…instead of mixing together all of those spices I used fajita seasoning….so I am sure my recipe didn’t turn out the same taste as the original but I am sure we loved it just the same! Also our margaritas….daileys in the cold beer section 😉

404118_500179356677340_1523933582_n boating 2012 014  pinteresting 035

Husband Review: I think the pic above really shows his appreciation of the mexican culture, food and beverages 😉 Also, it was nice to eat outside without having to fire up the grill for once.We love to grill but he takes the clean up very seriously (polishing it after each use) so it was a break for him!

My Review: The word “carnitas” intimidated me since I’ve never even ordered one at a resteraunt but it’s basically a shredded steak taco with better toppings! We made this after we went to the hispanic festival in Saint Louis….I could have had a tent they were so good!


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