TWO ingredients Fudge BROWNIES

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Ok so they may not be the PRETTIEST but these brownies are amazing and so simple you really don’t need to write the recipe down!

Diet Coke Brownie Recipe

  • 1 box of Fudge brownie mix for a 9×13 size pan
  • 1 can of Diet coke

You just put the mix in a bowl and add the diet coke, it looks like a science experiment when you do it and it basically mixes itself! I followed the baking directions on the back of the box and I used an 8×8 pan because I wanted it extra fudgy.

**** you may have to bake a little bit longer than the box shows (I didn’t have to but a few people I know did so just keep an eye on it and do the old -insert toothpick test-)

Added extras: I added walnuts to this

Husbands Review: He hates Diet coke and likes his brownies to be the texture of rocks….so it was not husband approved however he admit you can’t taste any diet coke or know that it was made differently than the usual with eggs,water and oil.

My Review: Never doing the traditional brownies again since I always have Diet coke on hand 😉 I recommend these because what recipe only has TWO ingredients?! perfect for those times you REALLY want something baked but don’t want to bust out the hand mixer ha ha!


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