Tissue money box?!

So I don’t know exactly what you would call this but either way it’s a good gift! You take a bunch of dollar bills (or $5’s,$10’s, $hundos if your a baller) and line them up and tape the ends together lightly (don’t get crazy with the tape, it’s not supposed to be laminated lol. then you fold them like an accordion into a stack and put it in an old empty tissue box with the first bill sticking out……the goal is for it to slowly unravel as they pull it!


I glued candy all around this box because it was a gift for my nephew and I thought it made it more fun…..who doesn’t want money AND candy right??



Total success! He LOVED it, and kept stuffing it back in and pulling it back out just for fun. I think it was only $25 in singles but you would be SHOCKED at how much money it LOOKS like when it’s lined up! Just a unique way to give a gift of money instead of the old sticking it in a card!


P.S. It doubles as a scarf 😉


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