Initial Framed Wreath

Initial Framed Wreath


The Materials I used:

  • Plain particle board or unfinished wood frame from crafts store
  • Small cans of spray paint (for this I used a metallic gold & a sheer gold glitter)
  • An unfinished initial
  • Strips of pearls found in scrap booking or sticker section
  • Scrap book paper as a background
  • Ribbons
  • A feather decoration
  • Old broke jewelry

This is the first wreath I have ever made, on pinterest there are tons of wreath ideas and designs but I loved the look of square picture frames as wreaths! I got everything I needed from Hobby lobby and the total cost to make it was around $20

I started out by taking our initial which was a plain particle board letter “P” and spray painting it with metallic gold paint

then once that all dried I took strips of pearls and lined them all over the letter until it was covered. The strips were sticky but I used hot glue to secure it.

In the top corner I glued an already made feather I found in the section where headband accessories are.


I painted the frame metallic gold then I spray painted gold glitter on it to give it  more sparkle. I put a piece of scrapbook paper in the frame as a background and finally hung ribbon in the corners, I also added some bling to the frame from old broken pieces of jewelry.

tips & Ideas:

– I didn’t put glass over the frame in case it trapped moisture.

– You can hang the letter in the frame with a pretty ribbon instead of hot gluing it…..making the idea below easier!

– You can scrapbook the other side of the frame insert also so you can flip the inside and get a totally new background for your initial.

– As a background you can get creative with materials: wrapping paper, lace, fabrics, newspaper, stencil a pattern….or whatever you have laying around the house.

– Use old broken jewelry to put all around the frame to give it more dimension and personality.

– Mod podge things on the frame like tissue paper.

– There are sealant sprays you can get at the craft store if your wreath will be exposed to weather.

– These can make cute decorations for inside the house too since it’s a picture frame! You can hang it on a wall or put on a little easel for tabletop décor.

– You can frame some sentimental  flat papers on the inside (under glass) like wedding announcement, shower invitations, magazine articles, ticket stubs, or real pictures and then glue the initial on top, this would be best for indoors.

– The main ribbon that holds the wreath up needs to be really secure since the frame can get heavy so we used TWO ribbons and hot glued the ends to the back of the frame and then also stapled over the ends once the glue dried.

– Use a fun shaped frame like a long vertical, round or shaped one.

– Find a neat frame at a thrift shop, flea market or garage sale.

– Use an old mirror for a reflective background (if you aren’t superstitious in case it falls)

– Glow in the dark paint for Halloween 😉

I had so much fun making this that I planned to make a few more and even some seasonal ones but we have gotten so many compliments on this one and we love it so much that I haven’t made any more!



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