Diaper Wreaths

Diaper Wreaths


I have made 5 of these now over the years because they are SO easy and CAN BE USED. My friend ran out of diapers and said she slowly took apart the wreath and used them ha ha! Here is a step by step tutorial I found:http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Diaper-Wreath


Also you can add whatever you want around the outside, I found ribbons and things at Michael’s and the dollar tree!


These can also be used as Child swings…..


Just kidding you probably shouldn’t swing on it…..isn’t she cute?! At this time she was patiently awaiting a baby brother!

I also glued baby booties found at the dollar tree to a white wreath hanger but that’s a perfect spot to put the babies name too ūüôā It’s kind of become my go-to gift for a baby shower!

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