Cake Box Cookie Sandwiches

Cake Box Cookie Sandwiches  The Original Pin: I have to laugh because I shortcut almost every cooking project I do, but let’s face it…..there really isn’t a shorter easier version unless you totally cheat and buy already made cookies 😉 but I bet they aren’t half as soft as the cake mix ones! Melt […]

Mod Podge Wine glasses

Mod Podge Wine glasses Original Pin: I wanted to do this today and I don’t keep doilies on hand lol so I used tissue paper….XOXOX Valentine tissue paper we already had. Same steps starting with tracing the bottom of the glass to cut out. I also did not have a paint brush or craft sponge […]

Candy Tree,Candy Cakes & Candy Creations!

Candy Tree Original Pin: This ended up being 31 pieces of candy as a gift for my nephew, It didn’t turn out quite how I wanted it to because I had to use specific candy (his favorites) I would have liked for it to look more Like a tree lol I think it’s easier on […]

Beer can cake

Beer can cake Original Pin: I had SO much fun making this for a 90th Birthday 🙂 My husbands Grandpa who from what I have heard “drinks a busch beer a day” was celebrating 90 years of greatness so we thought a beer cake was a fun gift (BTW it was Luau themed, that isn’t […]

Framed Dry Erase board

Framed Dry Erase board Original pin: I went really “weak” on this project because I was considering making them in bulk, so I was looking for cheap materials. I bought everything at walmart and instead of fabric in the frame I bought a book full of scrap book pages so I could get hundreds of […]

Personalized Candy Jar

The original Pin: That blog has the perfect directions on making these, I love the look of a set of 3 in different sizes! I had so much fun making this one, It’s a matter of spray painting, gluing securely and basically stacking the pieces. A few side notes: Stack it where you want to […]